vroom 1.2.0 2020-01-13

Breaking changes

New Features

  • vroom() now supports reading Big Integer values with the bit64 package. Use col_big_integer() or the ā€œIā€ shortcut to read a column as big integers. (#198)

  • cols() gains a .delim argument and vroom() now uses it as the delimiter if it is provided (#192)

  • vroom() now supports reading from stdin() directly, interpreted as the C-level standard input (#106).

Minor improvements and fixes

  • col_date now parses single digit month and day (@edzer, #123, #170)

  • fwf_empty() now uses the skip parameter, as intended.

  • vroom() can now read single line files without a terminal newline (#173).

  • vroom() can now select the id column if provided (#110).

  • vroom() now correctly copies string data for factor levels (#184)

  • vroom() no longer crashes when files have trailing fields, windows newlines and the file is not newline or null terminated.

  • vroom() now includes a spec object with the col_types class, as intended.

  • vroom() now better handles floating point values with very large exponents (#164).

  • vroom() now uses better heuristics to guess the delimiter and now throws an error if a delimiter cannot be guessed (#126, #141, #167).

  • vroom() now has an improved error message when a file does not exist (#169).

  • vroom() no longer leaks file handles (#177, #180)

  • vroom() now outputs its messages on stdout() rather than stderr(), which avoids the text being red in RStudio and in the Windows GUI.

  • vroom() no longer overflows when reading files with more than 2B entries (@wlattner, #183).

  • vroom_fwf() is now more robust if not all lines are the expected length (#78)

  • vroom_fwf() and fwf_empty() now support passing Inf to guess_max().

  • vroom_str() now works with S4 objects.

  • vroom_fwf() now handles files with dos newlines properly.

  • vroom_write() now does not try to write anything when given empty inputs (#172).

  • Dates, times, and datetimes now properly consider the locale when parsing.

  • Added benchmarks with wide data for both numeric and character data (#87, @R3myG)

  • The delimiter used for parsing is now shown in the message output (#95 @R3myG)

vroom 1.0.2 2019-06-28

New Features

  • The column created by id is now stored as an run length encoded Altrep vector, which uses less memory and is much faster for large inputs. (#111)

Minor improvements and fixes

  • vroom_lines() now properly respects the n_max parameter (#142)

  • vroom() and vroom_lines() now support reading files which do not end in newlines by using a file connection (#40).

  • vroom_write() now works with the standard output connection stdout() (#106).

  • vroom_write() no longer crashes non-deterministically when used on Altrep vectors.

  • The integer parser now returns NA values for invalid inputs (#135)

  • Fix additional UBSAN issue in the mio project reported by CRAN (#97)

  • Fix indexing into connections with quoted fields (#119)

  • Move example files for vroom() out of \dontshow{}.

  • Fix integer overflow with very large files (#116, #119)

  • Fix missing columns and windows newlines (#114)

  • Fix encoding of column names (#113, #115)

  • Throw an error message when writing a zip file, which is not supported (@metaOO, #145)

  • Default message output from vroom() now uses Rows and Cols (@meta00, #140)

vroom 1.0.1 2019-05-14

New Features

  • vroom_lines() function added, to (lazily) read lines from a file into a character vector (#90).

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Fix for a hang on Windows caused by a race condition in the progress bar (#98)

  • Remove accidental runtime dependency on testthat (#104)

  • Fix to actually return non-Altrep character columns on R 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4.

  • Disable colors in the progress bar when running in RStudio, to work around an issue where the progress bar would be garbled (https://github.com/rstudio/rstudio/issues/4777)

  • Fix for UBSAN issues reported by CRAN (#97)

  • Fix for rchk issues reported by CRAN (#94)

  • The progress bar now only updates every 10 milliseconds.

  • Getting started vignette index entry now more informative (#92)

vroom 1.0.0 2019-05-04

  • Initial release

  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.